I’m in my 30s and I love to watch professional wrestling.

It’s scripted and over the top and my wife makes fun of me but I don’t care. I’ve been in this game since the mid-90s when Razor Ramon was throwing toothpicks all over Miami; when Undertaker cut promos from the cemetery, and when Dwayne Johnson was Rocky Maivia. I took a hiatus from 03-16 but since coming back into the fold, I try to hit up any events that hit our streets. When one of my goons told me he bought tickets to a show of WWE’s development brand, NXT, I put on my Undisputed Era shirt and made the drive to Bel Air. I lost my voice cheering and booing and screaming to the likes of Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole, Punishment Martinez, and Keith Lee. #SorryNotSorry


I’ve never been much of a horse guy so it’s only fitting that the three women in my life are obsessed with em. As my lovely Mrs. moonlights as a riding instructor when she isn’t managing Team Tez, we were lucky enough to take part in her riding center’s annual Kentucky Derby fundraiser to end all fundraisers: Derby Day 2019.

All it took to get me to sign on was the promise of mint juleps so the three-course meal and opportunity to show my face in a world I’ve mainly seen via TV was icing on the cake. My navy blazer/khakis combo assured me I’d look like every other dude there but the hats worn by Anne Arundel County’s best were the stars of the show (the auctioneer came in at a close 2nd).

The riding center ponied up (SWIDT??) and turned an indoor arena into Lexington for the night, and was able to raise significant funds to support their work by auctioning off everything you could think of.


Ah snap, my first blog post.

Ya boy bought a Google Pixel 3 XL in Feb 2019 after being a member of #TeamiPhone since the 9-9 and the 2000. The people in my life hate me now because my green text bubble throws off the aesthetic of the group chats (yes, someone said this to me) but whatevs.

Things I like:

1) Camera
2) Google’s Ecosystem (my iPhone’s were centered around Google apps)
3) Camera

Things I don’t like:

1) Notch is a bit gaudy for my taste
2) Case options aren’t the best

More to come as I put it through its paces…